Ellie Lane

Head of Operations/HR

Reliable. Dedicated. Honest.

Ellie's friendly nature radiates warmth and positivity to all those around her. Ellie has played an integral part in helping to build Manor from the very beginning and assist in leading the way as we continue to grow the team. She handles the operational and strategic planning for Manor as well as ensuring the culture is engaging and the people are progressing. Ellie also assists our Directors as their Executive Assistant, ensuring their teams are running effectively and efficiently.

With a backyard of in-depth study at UNSW, graduating with a Bachelor of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Ellie strives to always excel and grow both professionally and personally in all tasks that she undertakes. Ellie has a clear direction when it comes to her career and is very determined to be successful and will always put in the hard work to get there. Her past experience working as a sales associate and marketing coordinator was enriched through working alongside Jay Bacani, an Elite Performer. She has since grown into the Head of Operations and Executive Assistant to sit alongside the Directors in managing Manor. She is determined to flourish into a successful business woman with the continued support from her co-workers and dedication to her professional role.