Lilliana Georgescu

Business Development Manager

Approachable. Empathetic. Energetic.

Lilliana's strong background in Customer Service and Administration brings an energetic and friendly approach to her role. Lilliana 

brings a unique blend of approachability, empathy, and energy to her role as Business Development Manager.

With a keen understanding of the importance of human connection in business, Lilliana thrives on building strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders alike. Her genuine empathy allows her to understand the needs and concerns of others, enabling her to tailor solutions that exceed expectations and foster long-lasting partnerships.

Lilliana's boundless energy fuels her proactive approach to business development, always seeking out new opportunities and innovative strategies to drive success. Whether she's networking at industry events, leading brainstorming sessions with the team, or devising personalized solutions for clients, her enthusiasm is contagious and her commitment unwavering.

With Lilliana at the helm of business development, our property management team is poised for growth and success. Her approachability, empathy, and energetic spirit make her a valuable asset in our mission to provide exceptional service and exceed client expectations.