Brooke Kokanovic

PA to Igor Jugovic

Enthusiastic. Driven. Consistent.

Brooke is the efficient and enthusiastic Executive Assistant to one of Manor's, Group Directors, Igor Jugovic. Having grown up in the Hills District, she knows the area inside and out, which gives her a unique advantage in her nearly three years of real estate experience across Epping, the North Shore, and the Hills District. Brooke is passionate about connecting with people and helping them reach their goals, making her an excellent first point of contact for clients and colleagues alike.


Brooke's three defining traits are her enthusiasm, drive, and consistency. She has a reputation for providing 5-star customer service, always ready to assist with a smile and a can-do attitude. No matter the task at hand, Brooke's focus and attention to detail ensures everything runs smoothly.

In her spare time, Brooke enjoys exploring the local community and spending time with her family and friends. If you need a professional who combines energy with reliability, Brooke is the perfect choice.