Property management team quickly adapt in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic

The role of our property managers increased dramatically when the global pandemic COVID-19 hit with little warning.

Our team found themselves thrown out of their rhythm, experiencing an unimaginable amount of calls and emails from stressed tenants and landlords seeking advice on how they could cope to get through this unprecedented ordeal.

Working from home, our team found that daily team zoom meetings became the new normal, whilst ensuring they were kept up to date with new legislation around tenancies as a result of the pandemic. They were forced to become power house negotiators and continue to find themselves counselling and consoling those the hardest hit by financial stress.

A property manager in this climate is caught between someone’s biggest financial asset and someone’s family home, trying to do their best for both sides.

Supporting both tenants and landlords in every way possible, our team have managed to put in place numerous agreements that have not only relieved pressure on both parties but have proven their impressive ability to adapt.

Our team successfully leased 7 new additions to our portfolio in just 7 days, an incredible effort from our hardworking and dedicated property management superstars.